Wednesday , 17 January 2018
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

“Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.”
“May the soul of our beloved and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen”
All Souls day is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful which at death have not been cleansed from the temporal punishment due to venial sins, or have not fully been purged from attachment to mortal sins, cannot attain the beatific vision in heaven yet, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass. November 2nd was chosen by St. Odilo of Cluny at his grave, his decree was printed on theActa Sanctorum. From Cluny it spread all across Europe and was finally accepted by Rome in the 14th Century. During the whole month of November the names of the deceased loved ones would be prayed for during mass and offered special prayer so that the Lord may have mercy on their souls. A legend became associated with the institution of the celebration. According to Jesse Voyles in his Life of St Odilo, a pilgrim returning from the Holy Land was cast by a storm on a desolate island. A hermit living there told him that amid the rocks was a chasm communicating with purgatory, from which perpetually rose the groans of tortured souls. The hermit also claimed he had heard the demons complaining of the efficacy of the prayers of the faithful, and especially the monks of Cluny, in rescuing their victims. Upon returning home, the pilgrim hastened to inform the abbot of Cluny, who then set 2 November as a day of intercession on the part of his community for all the souls in purgatory. 
Today we pray for all our dead that the Lord might recieve them in his blessed kingdom, but let us also ask GOD for our souls as well so that we may go into his Kingdom without suffering in purgatory. Let us also make a GREAT Confession on this day.
  Sa panahon sang aton Ginoo, GINAKANGIL-ARAN ang pagkatawo sang mga manugsukut sang buhis. Sa tunga sang mga tawo, sila ginahaboy sang mga bato sang ila mga kasimanwa nga mga Judeo tungud ang mga manugsukut sang buhis mga instrumento sa pagpalapnag sang pag-gahum sang mga Romanhon nga nagsakup sa ila.
  Ang mga manugsukut sang buhis ginakabig nga mga makasasala sa mata sang mga tawo tungud sila    nagluib sa ila kaugalingon nga pungsod, kag gani, sila ginakabig nga mga MAHIGKO nga sarang man makahigko sa tanan nga ila matandug kag ila makaupod.
  Masubo ang kahimtangan ni Zaqueo sa aton Ebanghelyo subong, kasubong man sang mga manugsukot sang buhis sa panahon sang aton Ginoo. Daw katulad lang sila sang mga aruon nga may kasablagan sa lawas, kag indi sila sarang makapakig-upod sa mga tawo. Buot silingon nga ang ila pagkabuhi isa ka pagkabuhi nga NAGAISAHANON. Isa ka kabuhi sang daw isa ka PATAY nga nagalakat– A lonely life!
  Amo ini si Zaqueo nga ginhingadlan subong sa aton Ebanghelyo. Ginasiling sang mga nakasiyasat sa Biblia, basta ang isa ka tawo GINHINGADLAN sa Biblia, buot silingon nga ina nga tawo, IMPORTANTE nga karakter sa luyag nga ipahayag sang Dios.
  Sa ginsaysay sa aton Ebanghelyo, pinasahi ini si Zaqueo, tungud kay imbes nga magpanago sia sa Ginoo, nagpangita sia sang pamaagi nga “madiparahan” sang aton Ginoo, sa bagay nga sang ginhambalan sia sang aton Ginoo nga pagadayunan ang iya nga balay, BUKAS sia nga nagbaton sa Iya. Paagi sini, ang kaluwasan kag pagpanibag-o nag-abut sa  iya kabuhi!

 FR. RONNIE                                                             


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