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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

PAGDUMDOM SA MGA NAGTALIWAN   “Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.” “May the soul of our beloved and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen”     All Souls day is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful which at death have not been cleansed from the temporal punishment due to venial sins, or have not fully been purged from attachment to mortal sins, cannot attain the beatific vision in heaven yet, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by the sacrifice of the Mass. November 2nd was chosen by St. Odilo of Cluny at his grave, his decree was printed on theActa Sanctorum. From Cluny it spread all across Europe and was finally accepted by Rome in the 14th Century. During the whole month of November the names of ... Read More »

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

ALL SOULS DAY Often overshadowed by the two days preceding it, Halloween(October 31) and All Saints Day (November 1), All Souls Day is a solemn feast in the Roman Catholic Church commemorating all of those who have died and now are in Purgatory, being cleansed of their venial sins and the temporal punishments for the mortal sinsthat they had confessed and atoning before entering fully into Heaven. The importance of All Souls Day was made clear by Pope Benedict XV (1914-22), when he granted all priests the privilege of celebrating three Masses on All Souls Day. While All Souls Day is now paired with All Saints Day, which celebrates all of the faithful who are in Heaven, it originally was celebrated in the Easter season, around Pentecost Sunday (and still is in the Eastern Catholic Churches). By the tenth century, the celebration had been moved to October; and sometime between 998 and 1030, St. Odilo of Cluny decreed that ... Read More »

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

  BISITA PASTORAL SANG ARSOBISPO   Ang isa sang mga bahin sang kabuhi sang Arsobispo sa iya Arkidiosesis amo ang pagpahanumdum sa mga tumuluo nga sia may kabalaka sa ila. Nga sia isa ka maayo nga manugbantay nga nagalantaw gid sing maayo ilabi na gid sa ila pagtubo sa espirituhanon nga kabuhi kag pagtuo.   Sa pagbisita pastoral sang Arsobispo sa mga natalana nga tion sa mga Parokya nga iya ginasakupan, iya nga ginapahibalo kag ginapahayag sa tagsa-tagsa nga sia amo ang matuod nga manugbantay para sa iya mga panong.   Sa pihak nga bahin, ang pari nga iya gindestino sa mga parokya nga iya ginasakup sa iya teritoryo, amo lamang ang nagapakigbahin sa iya daku nga responsibilidad bilang isa ka maayo nga manugbantay. Ang mga kaparían amo lamang ang iya mga sanga sa diin sia amo ang puno nga nagahatag sang kabug-osan nga kabuhi sa iya mga sinakpan.   ... Read More »

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

OCTOBER 13, 2013 Declaration of Pope Francis as Marian Day in the Year of Faith Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this Oct. 13 as part of the Marian Day celebration that will involve the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. “The Holy Father strongly desires that the Marian Day may have present, as a special sign, one of the most significant Marian icons for Christians throughout the world and, for that reason, we thought of the beloved original Statue of Our Lady of Fatima,” wrote Archbishop Rino Fisichella. Archbishop Fisichella, who serves as president of the pontifical council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, made his remarks in a letter to Bishop Antonio Marto of Leiria-Fatima. According to the Portuguese shrine’s website, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima will leave for Rome on the morning of Oct. 12 and return ... Read More »

Archdiocesan Gathering of All Altar Boys

Archdiocesan Gathering of All Altar Boys {For Promotions of Vocations} Venue: St. Pius X Seminary, Lawaan, Roxas City Date: October 12, 2013, Saturday   Schedule of Activities Morning:     8:00 Registration                  9:00 Holy Mass                  10:00 Indoor Games/Bible Quiz                  12:00 Lunch Afternoon:  1:00 – Ourdoor Games                  3:00 Home   Notes: Please bring their packed lunch Kindly let them bring their own sotana for the Mass Contact us for the number of delegates Fr. Andrew Alcorano-09207455247 Fr. Patrick Advincula – 09102841179 Read More »

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

FEAST OF OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY On October 7, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the yearly feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Known for several centuries by the alternate title of “Our Lady of Victory,” the feast day takes place in honor of a 16th century naval victory which secured Europe against Turkish invasion. Pope St. Pius V attributed the victory to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was invoked on the day of the battle through a campaign to pray the Rosary throughout Europe. The feast always occurs one week after the similar Byzantine celebration of the Protection of the Mother of God, which most Eastern Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics celebrate on October 1 in memory of a 10th-century military victory which protected Constantinople against invasion after a reported Marian apparition. Pope Leo XIII was particularly devoted to Our Lady of the Rosary, producing ... Read More »

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

OCTOBER DEVOTION (Our Lady of the Rosary)   St. Pius V (April 30) established this feast in 1573. The purpose was to thank God for the victory of Christians over the Turks at Lepanto—a victory attributed to the praying of the rosary. Clement XI extended the feast to the universal Church in 1716. The development of the rosary has a long history. First, a practice developed of praying 150 Our Fathers in imitation of the 150 Psalms. Then there was a parallel practice of praying 150 Hail Marys. Soon a mystery of Jesus' life was attached to each Hail Mary. Though Mary's giving the rosary to St. Dominic is recognized as a legend, the development of this prayer form owes much to the followers of St. Dominic. One of them, Alan de la Roche, was known as "the apostle of the rosary." He founded the first Confraternity of the Rosary ... Read More »

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Thomas Of Villanova St. Thomas was from Castile in Spain and received his surname from the town where he was raised. He received a superior education at the University of Alcala and became a popular professor of philosophy there. After joining the Augustinian friars at Salamanca he was ordained and resumed his teaching. He became prior and then provincial of the friars, sending the first Augustinians to the New World. He was nominated by the emperor to the archbishopric of Granada, but refused. When the see again became vacant he was pressured to accept. The money his cathedral chapter gave him to furnish his house was given to a hospital instead. His explanation to them was that "our Lord will be better served by your money being spent on the poor in the hospital. What does a poor friar like myself want with furniture?" He wore the same habit ... Read More »

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

MGA BAHIN SANG SERMON SANG INYO KUBOS NGA ALAGAD SA “RALLY” NAHANUNGUD SA PORK BARREL   Sa akon lang, amo ini ang indi ko mahangpan sa aton mga kongresista kag mga senador.  Masiling ang iban, hay nano nalang iya ang amon ginapa-obra nga project, ang mga road concreting kag road widening. Ahay! Ang politiko gali subong “Construction Worker na?” Dapat mag-OFW ka nalang! Sa liwat, bato-bato sa langit, ang tatamaan ‘wag magagalit. Congressman, Senador, baliki abi ang imo nga “4-fold functions”. Kag basi wala ka pa makahibalo ukon basi nalipat ka man, amo ini sila:     a) PAG-OBRA SANG LAYI agud matuytuyan ang imo mga sinakpan sa pagpangabuhi sing tadlong bilang maayo nga pumuluyo. Hay, tadlong bala ina nga mapirma ka lang sa isa ka layi nga nagalapas sang kinamatarong nga mabuhi? Siling sang mga congressman nga nagpilirma: “Indi a! Ang RH Bill gani, nagabulig haw-as sang mga Pilipino ... Read More »

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Lk 14: 25-33)

JESUS YOU’RE MY NUMBER ONE! Ang aton tigulo sa sini nga pagpamalandong, isa ka titulo sang kanta nga ginkomposo sang isa ka pari. Sa iya nga pagsabat sa pangagda sang aton Ginuo sa pag-alagad, iya nga natalupangdan nga ang aton Ginuo amo gid ang basehan sang iya kabuhi, kusog, kag ikasarang. Para sa iya, ang tanan nga nagalibut sa iya kabuhi, wala sang kapuslanan kon ini wala ginapasad sa aton Ginuo. Wala siya pagtalang kon ang aton Ginuo lamang ang iya ginasunud. Siya “puno” lamang kon ang Ginuong Hesus amo ang iya “pagka-on” sa iya kabuhi. Para sa iya, ang minatuod nga manggad nga iya “nadiskubrehan” amo ang aton Ginuo, nga wala ni sin-o man ang sarang makakuha sa iya. Diri ginapatuhoy subong ang pagtulun-an sang aton Ginuo. Ang pagsunud sa Iya, indi lamang sang “higya-higya”, ukon “sunod sa uso” nga hitabo sa aton kabuhi. Ang pagsunud sa aton Giuo ... Read More »

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