Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Commission On Biblical Apostolate


The Archdiocesan Commission on Biblical Apostolate envisions itself as a living witness and integral agent in the transformation of a Genuine Christian Community through the Word of God as a dynamic instrument.


The Archdiocesan Commission on Biblical Apostolate commits to the following:

1.    Facilitate the establishment and strengthening of Bible Apostolate in the parishes, mission-stations and schools.
2.    Facilitate the formation and training of Bible Apostolate workers in the parishes, misison-stations and schools.
3.    Facilitate easy access to Biblical materials.
4.    Establish linkages and coordinate with other archdiocesan commissions for joint activities.


1.    To become aware of the Word of God and deepen one's relationship with Him
2.    To empower the Basic Bible Seminar (BBS) Participants to facilitate Lectio Divina in the Parishes/Mission Stations
3.    To establish linkages with National and Regional Biblical Apostolate
4.    To work hand-in-hand for projects and activities with other archdiocesan commissions
5.    To Share-a-Passage from the Bible
6.    To celebrate the National Bible Week
7.    To celebrate the Feast of St. Jerome





Commission Head – Rev. Fr. Freddie Billanes



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