Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Commission On Mission


The Commission on Mission, as a Catholic Christian Community of Archdiocese of Capiz commits ourselves to preach, to witness and promote a universal missionary spirit in the hearts of the people of God (Ad Gentes, 4-5).


We, clergy, religious men and women, and lay leaders of the Archdiocese of Capiz will try to enhance  ourselves through the help of the Holy Spirit and guidance of Blessed Virgin Mary to implement the following:

1.    To equip ourselves through constant updating through seminars (given by) and to tie up with the Episcopal Commission on Mission (ECM).
2.    To make aware to the faithful their call to the universal mission of the Church.
3.    To instill to the faithful their gratitude to God through their support financially and spiritually to the missionary activities of National and Local Church.
4.    To promote missionary activities in remote areas like: medical mission, outreach program, spiritual inputs and other activities needed.


In order to realize these commitments, we will

1. Be ready to participate actively to the formation of ECM.
2. Re-educate the faithful through mission education such as: symposium, lectures and to integrate in religious instructions.
3. Encourage the faithful to support more the missionary activities through stewardship.
4. Identify the least communities by providing and serving the faithful in their spiritual and material needs.


Commission Head: Rev. Fr. Josel Beltran


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