Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Commission On Pastoral Care Of Migrants And Itinerant People


The Archdiocesan Commission on Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, living up to the social challenge of Jesus to welcome a stranger (cf.MT. 25:35), envisions a church where everyone , especially the people "on the move", the migrants and itinerants and their families, feel welcomed and cared for, thus, making the church community a family to them.


We are called to promote in the church and in the society a special care (pastoral, social, legal, cultural) for the migrants and their families; to defend the dignity of the human person, to inculcate a genuine respect for the rights of migrants; and, to form migrants to be evangelizers.


1.    To organize in every parish a special group for migrants and their families, where bonded together by common struggles and experiences, they will become a support group to each other.
2.    To identify possible leader(s) in every parish upon recommendation of their respective parish priests
3.    To make a profile (list) of migrants and their families in each parish
4.    To conduct occasional family and home visits among migrants and their families, a task particularly assigned in every parish.
5.    To establish and create parochial support groups among migrants and their families for spiritual growth and psychological support.
6.    To give assistance (financial, legal, pastoral care and counseling) to migrants who have pressing diverse needs especially those arising from their work abroad.
7.    To organize regular fellowships among parochial groups.
8.    To orient and educate possible OFW's on different concerns which would be helpful to them as they start their work in a foreign land, which could include, their personal and legal rights as workers, the socio-cultural background of the country they will work and reside, among others.
9.    To promote and hold advocacies for the protection of migrants through mass media, symposia and even rallies.
10.    To coordinate with the local as well as national LGUs and NGOs working specifically for Migrant Workers for assistance and other related concerns
11.    To educate the migrants and their families on the right use of finances and even venture into the possibility of livelihood programs.
12.    To organize an annual archdiocesan gathering for migrants, itinerants and their families especially during the National Migrants Sunday celebrated every first Sunday of Lent.
13.    To strengthen the families left behind by Migrant Workers and Itinerant People.
14.    To educate the migrants and their families on the right use of finances.


Commission Head – Rev. Fr. Cyril Villareal


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