Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Commission On Prison Pastoral Care


"We serve our dear brothers and sisters who are in rehabilitation and correctional facilities working towards their full reconciliation with God, with society and with themselves."


"We commit ourselves to:

1.    Providing liturgical services such as celebration of holy mass every Sunday and other sacraments;
2.    Organizing religious instructions and prayer sessions for prison officials and inmates;
3.    Promoting an atmosphere of reconciliation with God, with society and with themselves in such community;
4.    Collaborating closely with religious congregations and organizations involved in similar apostolate;
5.    Linking and networking with other like-minded groups: non-government organizations, people's organizations, and government organizations.


  •  To bringing Christ to the Inmates
  •  To promote an atmosphere of reconciliation with God
  •  To make sacred the union of the couple through the sacrament of marriage
  •  To educate and uplift the Faith of the Inmates
  •  To provide Spiritual Formation of the Inmates





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