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We envision a Marian Catholic broadcast station ardently and effectively communicating the teachings and values of God to every home, cultivating a community of believers and guiding humankind towards sanctification.


CCTN-Capiz is commcctn logoitted to proclaim God’s love to every individual through quality programs and decent entertainment.

Core Values

We are a broadcast station patterned after the threefold function of Jesus and His Church’s mission which are:

1. Priest – as priest we proclaim and teach the values of God – Kerygma.

2. Prophet – as prophet we live and witness to what we proclaim and teach forming a community of believers – Koinonia.

3. King – as king we give our selfless service to our work in guiding humankind towards sanctification – Diakonia.

Program Objectives

CCTN-Capiz aims to…

1. Produce quality programs anchored on Gospel values through modern means of communications. Such programs include: a. Catechism on Creed, Commandments and Sacraments b. Biblical reflections and commentaries

2. Present programs promoting Marian devotion.

3. Offer our selfless service in station operations.

4. Instill in the viewing public a culture of Christian morality and spirituality through feature presentations.

5. Provide informative documentaries on church-related themes.

6. Promote vocation to the priesthood and the religious life.

7. Cover the celebration of various sacraments.

8. Encourage audience’s participation in the wholistic exchange of opinion.

9. Lead the viewing public to prayer and reflection.

10. Remind the ecclesial community of their obligations to sustain and assist the station by giving generously of their resources and of their knowledge provided they are at the service of the apostolate (Inter Mirifica #17).

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